How to Receive Support 


One: Intro & Intake

Please click here to contact us. We will setup a time to talk with you and hear your story. As we gather more detailed information we can assess your specific needs and determine how our Hope Team can best serve your family.

Two: Connect & Comfort

Based on your circumstances we will match you with trusted members of our Hope Team including a professional doula and photographer.


Three: Birth and Hospital Preparation

As the time for delivery draws near, your doula will support you in collaborating with your providers to develop birth and NICU plans that meet your goals. Your Hope Team will help you understand what standard care looks like, will equip you to advocate for yourself and your child, will make suggestions to make wonderful birthday memories for your entire family, and more.

Four: Continued Connection

Labor of Hope will continue to provide ongoing support & resources as your family adapts to living in your 'new normal'. Labor of Hope also aims to foster community among our clients through seasonal events to enable connection with others who directly relate your journey.


Have questions? We are here for you.